alfajri putraAlfajri Putra (Aji) was born on 26th of April 1991 in Padang, Indonesia. Currently living in Depok, West Java. He’s currently a third year student studying Russian studies and literature as his majors in Universitas Indonesia. This 22 years-old bespectacled guy has an exceedingly high interest in human rights, international issues, politics, and kind of short.

As a youth, he is a passionate learner. Since “Maba”, He joins several organizations and committee in his campus to develop his ability. He also has highly interest to debate competition. He ever won Top 5 Best Speaker in English Debate Competition in his Junior High School at SMPN 8 Padang, 2008. He also received 4th position in English Debate Competition in OIM FIB UI 2013. His passionate to International Issues bring him to Model United Nations Competition, such as one of delegates of Universitas Indonesia to Indonesia Model United Nations (IMUN), 2012 and Nottingham University Model United Nations (NUMUNA) in Malaysia, last July 2013. His interest to writing also bring him to achievement. His essay got one of the 100 best essay in International Youth Leadership Conference (IYLC) on 2013 and invited to Czech Republic. He also have a dream to make a school and library for kids in a rural area. Feel free to contact him by sending email to alfajri.putra@gmail.com


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