A Short Vacation: Exploring West Java

I recently travelled to Bandung last week for holiday with my buddies. My options were West Java’s tourist places such as Bandung city, beautiful White Crater (Kawah Putih), and also hot water bathing place in Ciater. This vacation was actually my last holiday in Java island before I went back to my hometown for a month in Padang, West Sumatera. For those of you who are intuitively come to this old and full-story-of-life of my blog may take your pen and personal notes since I will share nice places that might be your holiday’s references in the future.

The trip to Bandung was started on Wednesday (25/5), but I had made a plan before and immediately contacted my friend –Rizki– who lived there to accompany me during the vacation, along with Randy who also planned to go to Bandung from Yogyakarta in a same day. –We both three are neighbourhood in Padang, so we have know each other very well–. If you lived in Jakarta or around, I recommend you to take a trip to Bandung by bus as the common public transportation to Bandung or private car if you have. It’s not because land vehicles are the only option you can go with, but Cipularang tol is having many complete and best rest places for the driver. The second option is via Puncak Bogor, but i can not guarantee if you stuck in a stoppage. But both are still better rather than you have to go by a plane or train. But it’s all up to you.

Arrived at Leuwi Panjang’s bus station in the night, I picked up by my friend Rizki who had been waiting for me. He had a busy work that night since he also had to picked up Randy too after I arrived at his board. My advice here when you have reached to Leuwi Panjang’s terminal, you have to make sure that you have friends or acquaintance who will picked you up since there are so many taxi and ojek’s driver who ask you to go with them compulsively. Be carefull.

The story then continued on Thursday and Friday that we spent two days to explored Bandung city. Many people would love to say that when they go to Bandung, the best places they can go are Mall..Mall..and Mall. It doesn’t matter actually, since every person have a different taste of spending their money. But for me who lived in Jakarta about 3 years with hundreds of mall standing around, Mall is like something normal. The best thing when you are in vacation is to see and observe the local people or inhabitant who lived there, and go to the each symbol places of the city as much as possible. It is one of your efforts to appreciate your culture and diversity. For example when you go to Yogyakarta, you can see many traditions who lived together along with the society. The tradition mingled and merged with the society itself. So does in Bandung. How the sundanese people who lived together with the new comer harmoniously, and the new character of Bandung city that brought by Ridwan Kamil as mayor gives something different that you can learn much from this city. Drive your car to Pasar Baru or Alun-alun Timur and sightseeing in city’s gardens are not bad. Having an antimainstream mind is also gives you many benefits to explore every corner of the city from your different point of view. Spending your money to enjoy these things are much better than going to distro aren’t it? Be wise.

The main destination from this vacation was started on Saturday. I had arranged the plan one day in advance together with my friends. We planned to go to Ciater in early Saturday morning. If you want to go to Ciater, you can go to Leuwi Panjang’s bus station first and waiting for the bus that have direction to Lembang. Just for information, the time you will spend to go to Ciater from Bandung is about 2 hours –it’s include the time you’ll spend at a dead set– Then, why we choose to go to Ciater first? Well it’s just a simple thing to answer this question. If it’s first time to you to go to hot water bathing place, so here is the tip: the best time you can enjoy hot water is in the morning! That’s why we went to Ciater at 3 o’clock! After we packed up the bags, we went to Ciater by motorcycles. You can not imagine how less than 20-degree celcius froze us during that night! It is also the tip for you if you want to go to Ciater; motorcycle is one of the best option you can go with, since it will hastened your trip on the street. But apparently there was only us on the street actually! lol. Well the other tip is when it’s first time to you to ride your vehicle in a place you don’t really know well, make sure your google maps is on along the street. You really can’t imagine how we got lost there and wasted about one hour on the deadlock!

At Ciater hot water spring [Dok. Pribadi]

At Ciater hot water spring [Dok. Pribadi]

We spent about two hours submerged in the pool. We really enjoyed the place and the nature there. There are so many hot water source and some of them are just like small river and natural pool made by nature. But it keeps on managed by professional, so don’t be afraid about the cleanness. You really can free up all of your mind and feel how warm the water when you smell the pool had desulphate strongly. After we done in Ciater, we move on to Kawah Putih (White Crater). But before reached the place, we stop off in a tea plantation to transit. That view was just amazing and cool. Just like the others tea plantation outside.


At tea plantation [Dok. Pribadi]

At Kawah Putih [Dok. Pribadi]

At Kawah Putih [Dok. Pribadi]

So here we are. Finally we arrived at Kawah Putih about 9 o’clock. The entrance ticket you will pay is about Rp.17.000,- But it’s not include the cost for the parking lot. My advice is bring your personal ride since I can’t found the bus provided around there. It is also quite difficult to climb the hill to the peak anyway. Well, you will never know how crowded Kawah Putih is when I was there. Mostly tourists coming from abroad such as Singapore, Malaysia, and so forth. The temperature there were also damn cold! Sometimes you will feel like the place lack of oxygen and the fog that covered all the places will bring you to the dream you can’t imagine! After all the things that we did about one hour on the peak, we took decision to back home because… we were hungry. The activities that we started from early morning had been exhausted and lose our stamina without a break. We back home contentedly. The satisfaction of live that really valuable and worth to do. I hope I can explore many of Indonesia interesting places on the east at the outset. It always excited to me to know many of Indonesia hidden nature heritage and realize how rich my country. End.


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  1. Kak, setelah aku udah baca artikel kakak yang mengenai jur. Sastra rusia, sekarang kakak kerjanya apa ?? Soalnya aku juga pengen sastea rusia, aku di lema karena 2 tahun berada di jurusan yang salah 😦

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