A belated story from KL: All the new things start here!

This is a story about my experience when I -in the middle of 2013- went to Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia last Juny. It’s actually a very late post because it has been 6 month since I went there. To be honest, it was a very great experience to me. I can say that, all the new things that I never did before begin here. First, it’s not only my first experience to me going abroad 😛 but also this is my very first time to me to compete abroad and representative UI (YOU CAN’T BE MORE EXCITING TO BE AN OFFICIAL DELEGATION OF ONE OF THE BEST UNIVERSITY IN YOUR COUNTRY) in international competition. (okay, pardon me, I’m Lebay..) But sure, It’s like one of my dream in Poster 100 Mimpi when I was Maba at OKK UI in 2011 comes true!

Preparation At A Glance

Delegation of UI in front of main gate! Ki-Ka: Chandra, Anbar, Alfajri, Grace [pic source: dok. pribadi]

Delegation of UI in front of main gate! Left to Right: Chandra, Anbar, Alfajri, Grace. [pic source: dok. pribadi]

I was a sophomore when I was selected to be one of the students who passed the selection to be delegation of UI (Universitas Indonesia) to NUMUN (Nottingham University Model United Nations) last Juny. UI MUN Club sent about 5 people from UI. But 2 drop out because of individually reasons. I was like in the middle of the Law student when the rest was from Law faculty. Model United Nations is like a competition which brings you to be a representative of one particular country and you will bring the stance of that country. There are skills that you need to compete in MUN. You will discuss one particular topic, you will debate, do the tight negotiation, and so forth. It’s just like United Nations conference! At the end usually the committee in every council at conference will give an award for those who attracted just like a great diplomat. Basically the marks will be different in each MUN(s). I was coached by the great coaches (Tita and Nurul-senior in MUN). A very deep thanks maybe will never be enough to them when they were taught and coached me very well the things about MUN complexly and also give me tips and trick as long as the training. (Thank you again coaches! :D) Also tons of thanks will be given for all the side who helped me both motivationally and substantively. (also the fund :)).

KL Here We Go!

Okay, so this is my first time going abroad. So, there are quite enough to me being awkward when I was landed in KL for the first time :P. When I was in imigrasi for the example, or the questions that I always questioned around my head about “where will you going next?” was like something new for me. Imagine that you are far away from your country. I mean, it’s a quite far from KL to Jakarta right? Well, I was about finished my last exam or UAS at the moment, and thus there is no responsibility going to me because I was free! 😀

I was with Anbar (kak Oneng) the Mapres from FH UI  when I was arrived. We were confused about the transportation because we came to KL about midnight! Finally we arrived at the hotel with taxi about 2:00 AM after took a meal in advance. The same hotel with Chandra who was previously came one day before.

Day 1

So the opening ceremony has done and the delegates has been checked all the things and ready to go to each council to start the conference! I found about 6 delegates from Indonesia (3 from UNDIP, 2 from Airlangga, and one from UI! *named Grace from Law faculty*). The very first day was like slowly because there are so many newbie about MUN, and the dais should explain the things first. I lead the conference with lot of debate and give many sub topic and yeah, it was a very good start for me in my very first time to compete and debate with the other students outside Indonesia. Oh yeah, The topic of the conference was about “Arbitrary Detention.”

The tension is really hot isn't it? [pic source: dok. pribadi]

The tension is really hot isn’t it? [pic source: dok. pribadi]

Day 2 and 3

I quicken the post because I forget the detail of the conference. But on the day 2 and 3, the tension was getting hot. A really hot circumstances because there are so many delegates who being a fast learner and the debate was really enjoyable. I actually enjoy the debate on the next day and come up with the new thoughts and give the solution about making the international law or the role of NGOs in order to help the victims of Arbitrary Detention. Plus some of my points was put to the final DR (Draft Resolution). It was a great experience when you can know the other students around ASEAN. But not only that, there is also friend who came from South Asia.

Making relationship with other students outside Indonesia actually the best things that i ever had. :)  [pic source: dok. pribadi]

Making relationship with other students outside Indonesia actually the best things that i ever had. 🙂 [pic source: dok. pribadi]

Unfortunately, after the 5 sessions in about 3 days the student of UI were not got snatch the awards 😦 . We were together can’t imagine how the assessment from committee of each council we were struggled. But, we sure that we have been expel the full efforts and give the best for UI.

Now It’s Time To PARTY!

After the hot debate and the full tensions in every council, the committee brings us to party! I was clearly remember when Saturday night we –all the delegates- came to the club in the middle of KL city and having a great experience!! (Really thanks to committee who brings me there :D). Well, like I said in the beginning, it’s also my first time to go to the bar! Even in Jakarta I never come to Pub or Bar! HAHA! But it’s different, we came up to 40 floor and we had a great party in the skyscrapers building! We can saw 360 degree of KL city with the pool in the middle! A very great experience when you can dance for the first time and taste the drink for the very first time! XD.

Just another pic from the Luna Bar  [pic source: dok. pribadi]

Just another pic from the Luna Bar on the rooftop [pic source: dok. pribadi]


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