Tweet actually (also) has a story!

Hi Folks.

2013 is going to be end. All the things that happened seems just won’t to be forgotten. They want to be remembered. Just like all my words in the tweet that have been posted on my twitter account (@alfajriputra91). I feel that they are just be like precious to me to be hide in my mind history, because whether you are in a good or bad feeling, they are just things that will remains you that you once make those things to express what you feel in a certain condition. So i make this one: “a collection of my own quote”. Here are bunch of tweets that were once posted on my twitter account, that i think too good to be forgotten:

  • Now we take a different way to find ourselves into the world that we believe it could make a change that we wish to see.
  • And i put myself into the world that no one either scavening or finding me to the street that i live and playing all the things by alone.
  • Everything good you did, will never praised by others, because you are too kind to live in the earth.
  • No, am not figure out where this soul would be go through to the right path of this story…
  • A super hero, is never always show the real power of him. He doesn’t need to publish everything, cz people will know by time goes.
  • Batman. Even he has a great power and often to save the city, he never show the real of him.
  • Which part of d’way that will you take as the next stop of your dreams, then you build with a new spirit, till your ride ready to run again?
  • Season has change and the leaves have just fell down without tell us how quickly it happens, while we lean on… So does people.
  • It’s important to prepare and improve yourself; on the other eyes, but keeping your main principle to be yourself is more than important.
  • Research explain that, putting Allah in your “daily” activities, will make u hve unlimited power.
  • я знаю что есть так много вина из-за меня, но ты знаешь, что в этом мире нет никакого прекрасного человека.
  • When there is no one could believed, the only way u hve to do is coming back to your great creator.
  • Boys are actually never growing. You can see on their toys that he played.
  • That fact who say the boys are just great to hide their hobbies without knowing that he actually never growing is totally true.

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