“Dusty Room” in Fourth Floor

Room which dusty will make whoever who want to enter feel uncomfortable. – just like my blog. [pic source: google.com]

 Well, actually I don’t have any words that I want to write at this time, my blog such a dusty room, where spider webs hanging in every corner of the room, very crowded. My activities in university are very busy. Campus in morning, and (recently) drama practice in afternoon. All the things that I do in every week (monday ’till friday) makes me (sometimes) do not have any time to write. At the end, my blog being neglected.

Honestly, I love to write, but sometimes I find a dead end. No idea what to write, nor passion to writing lately. It’s making my blog like an empty room as uninhabited city. More than 50% of my laziness because there is still no free time to begin. Thus, I have a way to outsmart this laziness of writing with visit any blogs of person which have beautiful minds that I think good to improve my passion, and my spirit to write, then begin to write with that passion from their ideas.

if your room are empty and dusty, Nobody wants to come isn’t it?

I’m sitting in fourth floor in Perpus Pusat UI when I write this post. My favourite place in free time. Work on some assignment sheets, typed an essay and browsing are what I normally do here. Occasionally, ideas easier comes to me. Obviously, with environment like this sometimes my imagination come out easier,then think more clearly.

It’s very nice to have a me-place like this. There is no disruption. I try to add a bundle of words to put in into my blog. Try to gain more ideas and making this blog attractive as possible. Hopefully, for those who read this note, will feel #random – ignore it.

In fourth floor, I decorate my dusty room became beauty in every corner of. Hope, cent per cent ideas, and thoughts fill this blog and become just like a beautiful room. 🙂


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